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I’ve sort of been running. Running forwards. Running backwards. Running to the sides. Running away. But underneath it all, past the curtain of shadows and the veil of artificiality, I want to run towards myself. I keep on grappling for things meant to drag me down rather than build me up. I keep reaching out a hand towards something unknown, something seemingly full of life, something that might tame the loneliness residing in my soul. I keep calling out and searching for a projection of what might be. I think I need to retract my hand, look deep inside myself, and ignite what is there already. I need to run and run and run towards myself. Towards who I was and who I am. Towards the dormant passions and buried strengths. I keep asking for more, wanting more, that I’m losing my wildfire in pursuit for something paler. I need to bring myself back. I have to remember that I need to just be.